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To ensure you have the best treatment possible, we have provided a list of various services and their post treatment directions. These instructions help with longevity of treatment, giving you the smile of your dreams for years to come! Although we strive to have all the answers for you right away, if these instructions do not answer your questions, please call or email our office so we can get you the help you need!

  • After we place a new denture in your mouth, it will take some time for your tissue to adjust. It is normal to need to call us and have some adjustments done.
    When cleaning your denture, brush it with the denture brush and water. Don’t use toothpaste it is too abrasive to acrylic.
  • Polident can be used to clean the denture but we recommend doing that only once a month at most. Polident can also be abrasive the denture.
  • Your gum tissue needs at minimum 4-6 hours of rest from wearing your denture. When not wearing it, store in the denture container with water so the acrylic won’t dry out. You can add Listerine to water to make it taste better.

We still recommend you come in once a year so we can do an oral cancer screening on your tissues and check your denture. We also just like to see you!