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To ensure you have the best treatment possible, we have provided a list of various services and their post treatment directions. These instructions help with longevity of treatment, giving you the smile of your dreams for years to come! Although we strive to have all the answers for you right away, if these instructions do not answer your questions, please call or email our office so we can get you the help you need!


Anesthetic is usually used for dental fillings. Your lips and tongue could be numb for several hours after your appointment. It is recommended that you avoid chewing until the numbness has completely worn off to avoid injury.

Hot, cold, and pressure sensitivity is normal after your appointment. The injection site may also be sore. Over the counter pain medications should alleviate any discomfort.

If temperature, pressure, bite, or any unexplained sensitivity persists, or gets worse, call our office immediately for an appointment.


Sealant are clear, or white shaded coatings that seal the deep pits and grooves on the chewing surfaces of back teeth to help prevent decay. It is a normal feeling for the bite to feel slightly off after sealant placement. There may also be a slight after-taste immediately following application. Rinsing with water will help remove the unwanted taste. Sealants can be chewed on right after placement.

As with all dental procedures, the longevity of sealants varies with each individual. The effectiveness of sealants is influenced by chewing patterns, grinding, chewing ice or hard foods, and bacterial plaque levels. Good oral hygiene is important. The acids produced by oral bacteria not only attack the teeth but can contribute to sealant failures. The condition of the sealants placed are checked at each re-care visit.
Sealants can chip or wear out. We will inform you if your child’s teeth ever need to be resealed. Any length of time that a sealant remains intact is a success in that it protects the tooth from decay for that period of time. The goal with sealants is to maintain tooth structure for as long as possible.