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To ensure you have the best treatment possible, we have provided a list of various services and their post treatment directions. These instructions help with longevity of treatment, giving you the smile of your dreams for years to come! Although we strive to have all the answers for you right away, if these instructions do not answer your questions, please call or email our office so we can get you the help you need!

During root canal treatment, the nerve, blood vessels, and any decay in your tooth are removed. Because the tooth loses its vascular supply, it quickly becomes brittle and subject to fracture. Because of this, a crown is highly recommended as soon as possible.

Discomfort and swelling of the affected site may occur for several days. Tenderness when chewing may also occur and you should chew on the other side of the mouth.

Antibiotics for infection and pain medications may be prescribed. Take them as directed. If you have any allergic reactions such as rash or difficulty breathing, discontinue use and call our office immediately, or go to the nearest 24-hour medical facility.

We recommend to take 600mg of ibuprofen 3-4 times a day for three days to help with swelling.