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A cast model of a persons teeth

Why would you want a Dental Inlay/Onlay:Dental Inlays and Onlays are some of the strongest and most lifelike dental restorations available. By getting an Inlay/Onlay you are able to remove toxins from your tooth, strengthen your tooth, and restore the tooth to its original natural looking self! 

When a tooth is cracked, or an old filling is leaking or failing, an Inlay or Onlay is an ideal way to restore the tooth.

The tooth is prepared in much the same way we would for a standard filling, but instead of a filling, the area where the decay is removed would be replaced with a custom made porcelain ‘puzzle piece.' With proper care, your Inlay or Onlay will increase your overall health and will act much like a natural tooth.

If you are ready to replace your silver filling, or restore your damaged tooth, with a strong solution call Willow Cove Dental today, 920-498-3633.