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Are you tired of clenching and grinding your teeth? Ready to live your life free of headaches, neck and shoulder aches, toothaches, and excessive tooth wear? Willow Cove Dental can make a custom Night Guard to alleviate your clenching and grinding. A night guard is a very small appliance that clicks right into place. Another added benefit, they can be made right in office and take less than 30 minutes to make.

Why do you want a Night Guard?

Most often, clenching and grinding happens during the night when patients are not aware of it. How have you been sleeping lately? Do you wake up refreshed or are your muscles tight? The use of a custom night guard followed by a few painless bite adjustments can lessen or even eliminate these harmful grinding side effects.

If you clench and grind, at your next continuous care visit ask the Doctor if you’re a good candidate for a custom night guard. To reserve a time call Willow Cove Dental today, 920-498-3633.